Hard Hats Hi heels and Her
to Apr 6

Hard Hats Hi heels and Her

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Town Hall Arts’ up and coming exhibition ‘Hard Hats, Hi Heels and Her’ showcases work by myself Nichola Rodgers, and Jenna Fox, and explores the changed roles of women through sculpture, film and 2D artworks.

 The exhibition, which runs from 21 February – 6 April, looks at the interaction of women to others, and to objects within the home and industry through two distinct bodies of work.

My work employs an untraditional approach to painting in her investigation of relationships between nature and culture, with an emphasis on the stereotypes of women within nature and the workplace. Meanwhile Jenna Fox explores how the objects in our homes define us, and how the roles and relationships of women in the home have changed. Using domestic objects and ornaments, she creates work that reflects back at us a whimsical look at the home as self.


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