During my study I found I really enjoyed the art of bringing together other artists to create a cohesive experience within the exhibition. This led to me being involved in several exhibitions being organised over the five years of my study all independent of the the institution and in surroundings not conducive of the typical white cube space.

It started with a touring exhibition around the country where curated fellow artists from all over the world after a call out for small works to fit inside a small case this type of popup show went to Cass Sculpture Park Surrey, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and BlueCoat Gallery Liverpool. Since then I have created exhibitions and events in local Gardens, the woodlands of Scotland, and a superstore. Several of the more recent exhibitions have been in empty shops, creating a pop up experience in a run down area.

Here are a few photos of some of these events. If you would like more details or have empty space you would be willing to have artist take over for a few days please do get in touch. Or if you are interested in any of the artist showing again get in touch and I can put you contact.