This work has been influenced and created during my time completing my BA (Hon) at UCA Farnham, some of this work has been exhibited nationally. This period of my practice was exploring both personal and historical connections with the North West, found objects of my history, Cotton Mills and women in industry and in the home life.




plaster filled metalic balloons, old 80’s music tapes, memory can sometimes escape us, until a fragment of history jolts it back into view.

“Trade” and “Mee Maw”

This work was part one and two, created after a long period of research in the archives of Quarry Bank Mill, and Tameside Library tape recordings , of the ladies who used to work in the Cotton Mills. These paper patterns, represent the body, and women in the Mills that worked for next to nothing, they form another layer of narrative, a skin, Ghostly presence of a woman’s clothing patterns but also an absence or loss. The Mee Maw film was a form of communication while the ladies worked in the Mills.



“Weesh Thi Wurr Eer”

This is part three of my research into the Mills and life of the working women and children in Quarry Bank Mill and other Mills around the North West and Manchester. During this research I found letters from staff to family, and a letter addressed to the people of Manchester for Abraham Lincoln.

Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 18.46.07.png