Nichola’s art practice explores the connections and ruins of industry, landscape and culture through the research of ecology, objects, and experiences and how we connect to our world . Nichola is a coastal based artist whose work spans drawing, painting, installation of found objects and sculpture. Using an alchemy of materials and sublime spaces to create narratives and environments.

Developing narratives around the ‘connection of life’ within contemporary society, she offers visual autobiographies; articulating internal narratives and mental images of both personal experiences and those of others, real or imagined. She is interested in how fragmented imagery corresponds to the fleeting quality of thought and imagination, with the aim to capture an internal narrative: the preoccupying thoughts that shape one’s own experience of being.

The examination of traces of change and dissolution through time, nature and human intervention is an essential focus of recent artistic work. In the series “Strange connections” she combines naturally grown structures with artificial forms. Creating hybrids and transformations. With their apparent authenticity, pretend that the original object still exists and can be recognised.

Openings and cracks, grant true "insights" and expose the seemingly compact forms as merely enclosing shells. The interwoven structure resembles a network, in which everything is interconnected, even elements that actually do not fit into the natural context. Precisely in this way new levels of meaning are created. "Identity" arises through such connections and brings forth the freedom to engage in the unknown.

Nichola has lived by the seaside for most of her life, in both the North and the South, and it is the people and cultures of the seaside that influences her work.   

broken land,

This landscape in not a women ( installation, steel, army clothing, painting - 2018)

This landscape in not a women ( installation, steel, army clothing, painting - 2018)